Anyone like a Plum?

Janet Evanovich has done it again. Takedown Twenty is a thoroughly entertaining and brilliantly funny slap-dash adventure featuring Stephanie Plum. In this installment of this comedy of errors, Stephanie is tasked with bringing down a popular figure in Trenton, even though everyone knows he’s a wet work guy. They all still view him as the lovable old man.


Evanovich had a bit of a slump a few books ago where they felt rushed and tired, but she’s back to full form with this book and if you’re looking for a slapstick comedy with an engaging plot, this is definitely your kind of read. My only complaint with her novels, as I stated in my last post, is that her characters never grow or change. Stephanie is in her same poorly decorated apartment, she still can’t decide between two gorgeous men, and she is still making a hash out of both her work and social life. This book is only for those who would like a bit of fun without anything heavy getting in the way.

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