Undeliverable Update

Most if not all of my supporters should have received their copies of Undeliverable by now, as evidenced by this wonderful picture one of said supporters posted of them reading my book.


See, see, that’s my book she is reading! How exciting…

If you haven’t gotten your book yet or are having trouble downloading your digital copy, please let me know! I will be getting the digital copy of Thea of Oz ready for distribution early next month, so watch out for that as well.

Speaking of Thea, I have a lot of copies left if anyone wants to snag one! $10 will get you a signed copy shipped right to your front door.

Undeliverable will be going on sale the first week of March, so if you like it, spread the word! I’ll let you guys know when its profile is active on Amazon and Goodreads so you guys can all go post reviews! You’re the best.


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