Other Writing

Fiction is my primary passion, though I have been known to produce the odd creative non-fiction work or poem. See below for a full listing.

As you can tell, there have been some dramatizations and/or vocal recordings of some of these pieces. If you’re interested in using any of my work on stage or in the recording studio, drop me a line! I welcome the collaboration.

And for the curious, the number at the end of the citation is how many journals I had to submit the piece to before I found someone who would take it. If I got paid for it, there’s an asterisk at the end.

Interactive Narrative Projects

  • “Demystifying TOI-1452B: Opening the TOI-Box.” Exotopia in cooperation with the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Institute (SETI), May 2023. Online. (1)



  • “Necroplanetology.” First Place, Poetry Competition, Write on the Sound, 2022. Online. (1)
  • “Save Point.” Organic Ink, Vol IV, Dragon Soul Press, 12 June 2022. Anthology. (5)
  • “Plasticide.” Dirty Little Bookers, 16 July 2014. Online Journal. (5)
  • “Wishing Steps.” Chrysalis, Spring 2008. Willamette University, Print. (1)


Creative Non-Fiction

  • “Better to Ask Permission.” Out of Time, Timber Ghost Press, 2022. Anthology. (1)
  • “On Panic.” The American Bohemian, 8 April 2014. Online Journal (21)
  • “Dress Me.” Far Off Places, Vol II, Issue II “Sartorial”, June 2014. Online Journal (11)
  • “Glint of Gold.” Epiphany 31 July 2013. Online Journal. (10)