Belated Updates

Hello all! So sorry I haven’t been communicative the last little bit, but whoo boy have I been dealing with a lot! I’ll make a post following up on these things individually, but here’s the summary:

First, Less Than Charming launched in May, and the party was fabulous. And I went to the National Storytelling Festival to promote it, which was a ton of fun.

Second, Zosozo in Oz, the second of the Ozite Cycle novellas, is done and live! You can get your copy now from the usual sources.

Third, I am now teaching classes at the Bureau of Fearless Ideas, a wonderful writing center for grade-school aged kids in Seattle. This October and November I will be teaching a NaNoWriMo bootcamp, and I’ll be posting the course materials and lessons here at the same time to help anyone who wants some pointers for writing 50,000 words in a month.

Fourth, a large part of the reason I’ve not been updating my website much is because I’ve been dealing with a lot of health stuff over the last few years, and it had gotten particularly difficult to keep doing everything, but I finally have a diagnosis! After 5 years of specialist visits and non answers, I have a few diagnoses that explain *gestures to all of me.* I’ll have more details down the way because I think some people might benefit from education on these topics.

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