That Point When You Know an Author Too Well…

When I heard that Kim Harrison‘s new book was coming out, I immediately placed it on hold at the library. Of course, this also meant that I had to wait for two weeks cause I was far from first in line. But as soon as The Undead Pool arrived for me, I sat down to start reading. Not even five pages in, our favorite witch lets of a pithy remark and I immediately snort and say, “Ya think?” Imagine the ensuing hilarity when I turn the page and Jenks says the exact same thing to her. This is the point at which I know I love an author.

But besides being entirely in sync with Harrison on expressing doubt at Rachel’s understatement, The Undead Pool did not disappoint on any level. The writing was quippy and clean, the character development hits the “About time!” meter perfectly, and you’re left with the uneasy sensation that even though things in this book got bad, they’re going to get even worse in the next one. One of my favorite parts of Harrison’s writing is that she is not afraid to let her writing, her characters, and her world evolve the way some other genre writers are. The Rachel Morgan who we follow in this book is miles and away more mature, more talented, and more accepting than the Rachel we first met in book one. Her world is constantly changing on her and she’s learned to just take it in stride with minimal complaints and get her job done. Its so refreshing to find books where the author is willing to take the risk of changing for the more satisfying rewards rather than play it safe and write the same characters over and over again (*cough* Janet Evanovich *cough*).

That being said, my only complaint with this book is the cover. They’ve been steadily getting worse and now the cover looks like some trumped up romance novel, with Rachel in a teensy miniskirt and corset (which appears nowhere in the book, unlike the white leathers of another cover). Granted, there are some racy bits that correspond with that “Well, FINALLY!” I was speaking of, but this is much closer to a gritty urban fantasy novel akin to The Dresden Files than it is a supernatural romance. This is why I am so happy I can design my own novels and don’t have to rely on what a marketing team decides will sell…

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