Two More Reviewers Loved Undeliverable!

So, a while back you heard me crowing about my excellent Kirkus review, but now I have two more people who loved my book! I can’t tell you how excited I am to keep hearing this kind of feedback…

Portland Book Review:
“Demarest’s writing is sharp and witty. Her book is a great read with a bit of social conscience. While I was reading, I felt as if Demarest was taking me on a wild ride, a ride that I enjoyed and met a bunch of cool people along the way. From Gertrude to Sylvia – the characters are a great group of people. Benjamin faces struggles throughout the investigation, but in the end…well, read it and I think that you will enjoy it as much as I did.” (Full Text Here)

San Francisco Book Review:
“This is a well-plotted, well-written story — its central metaphor of lost mail for a lost child creative and poignant. Ben channels his frustration with his inability to find his child to reconnecting mail to its intended recipient — efforts often similarly futile. The details of the “mail recovery system” and history of the mail service, in general, are actually interesting. Most topics are inherently interesting, when gone into with enough depth and clarity. The details of the detective work that Ben does in his search are actually more thorough and systematic than that of the professional police detectives. Riveting. There is peace, if no real happy endings, at the resolution of the story for both Ben and Sylvia, both tragic figures who have experienced loss.” (Full Text will be online by April)


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