Campaign Update

First thing, first, thank you to everyone who has already pre-ordered Undeliverable, you’re my hero! We made our goal in the first 16 days of the campaign, which will let me get the book professionally formatted into an ebook. This also means that everyone who donates to the campaign, for any amount, will get a free ebook. $1, $5, whatever you want to contribute, I’ll be sending out ebooks just as soon as they’re ready!

But Halloween was this week, and we’ve celebrated the first milestone in the campaign, but here’s where things start to get really fun.

Celebrating meeting the milestone at our Halloween Party last weekend…no one knows how to party like Mary Poppins and Burt the Chimney Sweep!

If we can manage to reach $3,000 by the end of November, I’ll be able to afford to do an audiobook of Undeliverable, as well as pay to have Thea of Oz turned into a well-formatted ebook. For you guys, it means that if I make it there, you’ll get free Thea of Oz ebooks as well as free Undeliverable ebooks, regardless of your donation level, so get to sharing this campaign with your friends! Also share it to help you win yourself some signed artwork, it’s beautiful.


It’s also worth mentioning that my birthday is coming up and, if you were feeling so generous, you might make a birthday present out of your donation…

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