Famous Rejections

So, I have been feeling the sting of rejection from literary journals recently, and while I continue to soldier on with the submissions, I like to keep in mind the fact that some of the worlds best-selling authors were rejected 20, 40, 100s of times before they managed to get anything on the presses. Here are a couple of my favorite rejection letters…

I particularly like how that one rejects Gertrude Stein while making fun her style at the same time…

Though, I may have to agree with this next one…

And at least none of the rejections I’ve ever gotten has been as bad as this:

So you see, it does get better, but first you have to pay the rejection dues. I swear, this must be an accountant out there somewhere keeping track of just how many times you have to fail before you’re allowed to find an editor who likes your work, but they’ll never publicize the numbers cause that would be cheating…

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