Fun and Odd Descriptions

I wasn’t really in the mood for full on story mode, since I’m immersed in a bunch of editing at the moment, so find below some fun descriptions I’ve thought up.

The air was so thick that it felt like the kudzu had invaded his body and was choking him from the inside out.

She tasted glitter and rainbows, firecrackers and lollipops. She hadn’t known anything in this world could be as bright and enlightening as a mouthful of sprinkles.

He wouldn’t have been surprised if he looked down to see his skin melting off his bones as it was so hot it was actually melting the streetlamps.

There is something special about the pain of a stubbed toe. It radiates from the point of impact until it subsumes your entire foot, your leg, until your throbbing nerves shut down and you become numb to anything else.

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