Writing Prompt #17

Okay, so I can eat enough again that my brain has started working, so let’s try a new writing prompt. I’m going to respond to the last one and then this one this week and try and get back on schedule. So who wants to join with me on getting back into writing regularly? You? Excellent. Put your fiction (or non-fiction) in the comments.

I just finished the Hunger Games trilogy. I know, not high literature, but entertaining none-the-less when you’re down 1,000 calories a day and trying to pretend you don’t hurt. SO, I think it was a fine 15 hours spent all told. But there is one thing that Collins does repeatedly that I think we should play with.

Her main character, Katniss, is constantly returning to places that are significant to her and her character changes are reflected in how she views the special spot–also in how that spot has been changed without her around, but we won’t go into the heavy handedness of her metaphors right now.

My charge to you, dear readers, is to pick a spot significant to your characters (or to you; can you tell I’m planning a non-fiction response already?) and have your character view it again after some life-changing event. We don’t necessarily need to know what the event it, though you can tell us if you want. The goal is more to see the character realize and deal with the fact that the place has changed in meaning since they last saw it.

destroyed playground

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