Merry Christmas Looting

Well, it’s after Boxing Day and our Christmas Loot has been tallied. I got some awesome books this year, including 2107 Curious Word Origins, Sayings, & Expressions from White Elephants to a Song & Dance by Charles Earle Funk, 1Q84 by Murakami, Blacksad by Canales and Guarnido, and Cat’s Cradle by Vonnegut. I’m very much looking forward to getting to these, which are now at the top of a very long list of things to read, but what was your favorite literary present this year, or of all time? Share in the comments!

Blacksad Cover

One thought on “Merry Christmas Looting

  1. Well, you know my all time favorite is Pride and Prejudice. My current favorite is Stop Saying Your Fine by Mel Robbins. Oh how I so need to listen and act on this book!


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