Writing Courses

I provide on-line and in-person (near Seattle) writing instruction. There are several pre-built and ready to go courses, listed below, and I am happy to provide longer-term workshops or courses as needed. On-line instruction is accomplished through Zoom, secured for the students privacy and safety, along with downloadable worksheets. I have taught with various organizations including the Bureau of Fearless Ideas, the Museum of Popular Culture, and Clarion West, and am happy to provide references upon request. I have experience working with students with all levels of ability and challenges, including learning and writing challenges, as well as students from a lot of different backgrounds and/or students with English as a second language. If you are interested in any of these courses, please fill out my contact form!

Home School/Isolation Courses

  • The Building Blocks of Mystery
  • Science vs. Magic: Sci-fi and Fantasy Writing
  • Re-envisioning your Writing: Tools for Revision
  • Inspired by a True Story: Creative Nonfiction
  • Beautiful Language: Poetry
  • Life’s a Stage: Play and screenwriting
  • Pitch Me: Persuasive Essays
  • College Admissions Essays

Girl Scouts

I am a life-time member of Girl Scouts and a Gold Award recipient myself. I love working with scouts on the writing badges and all of them can be accomplished online.

  • My Family Story for Brownies
  • Scribe for Juniors
  • Digital Photographer for Juniors
  • Screenwriter for Cadettes
  • Book Artist for Cadettes
  • Digital Movie Maker for Cadettes
  • Comic Artist for Cadettes
  • Novelist for Seniors
  • Collage Artist for Seniors
  • Our Door Artist for Ambassadors
  • Photographer for Ambassadors

Boy Scouts

My Girl Scout troop was dual-registered as a Venture Crew and we attended many Boy Scout camporees and I even worked at Fire Mountain Boy Scout Camp. I have a plan to be able to assist the earning of both of these badges online.

  • Reading
  • Theater


  • The Writer in You
  • Some parts of the Theater curriculum

Other Scouting Groups

For any other various scouting groups, I am happy to construct badge/content workshops around your particular requirements.


The cost of courses varies widely depending on which topic is chosen and how large the group is that I will be instructing. Badge workshops have a minimum of $10 a person to cover the cost of the badge shipped to the scout after completion of the workshop. Home-schooling can be billed as either individual registration, or group registration, with group registration usually being the better cost. All cost and content of the course is negotiable, and I am happy to tailor content depending on any learning issues and/or content requests. Scholarships are also available for students, especially in this time of drastic layoffs and isolation.