Cake Tribute to “The Night Circus”

So, I was struck by the craving for a flourless chocolate cake after watching co-workers devouring one I was allergic to, so I decided to embark on one that was dairy free. And then, Erin Morgenstern informed her fan base (which includes me) that the chocolate mice that feature in her novel The Night Circus can be found at Burdick Chocolates. So, I decided to combine my craving for the two into one baking experiment.

I wanted to have a flourless chocolate cake with white chocolate and raspberry drizzles. It was a challenge to find either vegan white chocolate or cocoa butter to make my own, but Cambridge Naturals came to my rescue with 16 ounces of gorgeous pure cocoa butter. And then no one had any fresh raspberries, so I settled for a wonderful raspberry jam.

Using this cake recipe and this white chocolate recipe, I think i had a raging success. It is delicious, and dense, and totally coma inducing. It is also black, white, and red, as any good nod to the circus should be…