Without a Cover

Books wrapped in brown paper with keywords on them.

This wonderful image came across my screen a while back and I thought it would be fun to try a guessing game! I’m going to list a few of my favorite books below by the keywords that come into my head, and you all can try and guess them! Alternatively, list a new book in the comments and let others try and guess! To make it a bit harder, you only get three keywords, or terms, if you will…

Book 1:
Science Fiction
Philosophical Commentary

Book 2:
Purple Eyes

Have fun!

And if you still have too many books…

If after filling your little lending library with books you still have too many, check out this fantastic site: Bookshelf Porn. Some of them are wicked amazing, others mediocre, but here’s a sampling of my favorites that they have pulled.

And I promise, I’ll get back to the reviews shortly. I’ve been stomping my way through the Kingkiller trilogy while simultaneously trying to juggle roommates.