Books as Actors

The artist Terry Border created an intriguing series of pieces wherein the pulp fiction versions of famous books were acting out bits of their own plot.


Flash Gordon was probably my favorite, but there is a whole set of them, and they raised an interesting string of thoughts. Here, the books finally got to be what they were written as, their potential being brought to actual fruition. Are our books happy sitting on shelves unending for those few brief moments that they are taken down, read, abused, enjoyed and then tossed haphazardly back onto the shelf? How do we treat these wonderful portals to new worlds? Not well, in most cases. And will that ever come back to haunt us?

Anyway, shaking off the maudlin thoughts, enjoy a few more of the book art pieces, and check out the rest of his site for entertaining and unique pieces.




A Dress of Books

So I opened Poets and Writers this month and came across a little article about this dress:

The dress

A dress literally made out of a book. To be specific, Angela Carter’s Book of Fairy Tales. The dress was made for Claire Massey to wear while she read a fairy tale she had written specifically for the Lancaster LitFest. Adding to my excitement, the article included a link to the site to see the in-process photos, which, let me tell you, are rather exciting. If you like books and sewing, that is!

Got too many books on hand?

This is a rather adorable way to share your extra books:

There is a whole organization–Little Free Library–dedicated to putting these little libraries up across the country. They have pre-built ones you can buy, plans to build your own, and maps and galleries of the ones already in place. I could certainly keep mine well stocked, but I wonder if my landlord would dislike it rooted in the front yard…

Cake Tribute to “The Night Circus”

So, I was struck by the craving for a flourless chocolate cake after watching co-workers devouring one I was allergic to, so I decided to embark on one that was dairy free. And then, Erin Morgenstern informed her fan base (which includes me) that the chocolate mice that feature in her novel The Night Circus can be found at Burdick Chocolates. So, I decided to combine my craving for the two into one baking experiment.

I wanted to have a flourless chocolate cake with white chocolate and raspberry drizzles. It was a challenge to find either vegan white chocolate or cocoa butter to make my own, but Cambridge Naturals came to my rescue with 16 ounces of gorgeous pure cocoa butter. And then no one had any fresh raspberries, so I settled for a wonderful raspberry jam.

Using this cake recipe and this white chocolate recipe, I think i had a raging success. It is delicious, and dense, and totally coma inducing. It is also black, white, and red, as any good nod to the circus should be…

Happy Leap Day!

It is Leap Day, folks, a time that only comes around once every four years. For some people it’s just a regular day, except that they forget it’s not March yet. For others, it’s a celebration of Leap Day Williams (and yes, I will be wearing blue and yellow).

Now, given that this is a somewhat unique occurance, take this extra day in your life and do something unexpected. Something new. Do an experiment, enrich your life. Involve your friends. Something been on your list for a long time that you wanted to try or get done? Do it. Put yourself out there and finally query an agency or schedule a gig. This is an EXTRA DAY folks, and you get them every four years. Live it to its fullest. And share it with us below!

Me? I think I’m going to start my next novel. If I get enough people sharing their Leap Day experiment, I’ll post the first writing from my next novel here on Friday.

And if you think this is lame, or you’re just too lazy, remember, Leap Day Williams is watching you…

Leap Day Williams from 30 Rock

Bookish Ornaments

If you are looking for a cute little stocking stuffer for your bookworm friends or need that special something for your own tree, this is it. A mini Chicago Manual of Style!

For the grammar nazi in you...

Don’t mind how small my tree is. The ornament ends up 3.5″ tall. Just makes my Charlie Brown sized tree look that much smaller! Anyway, it’s a very simple paper folding project and takes about five minutes to put together–so what’s stopping you?! Directions can be found here: Chicago Manual of Style Ornament.

Credit, of course, goes to the University of Chicago Press. Thanks guys!

The Regulars are on the March!

I thought I’d take a short break from writing to share a recent sewing project of mine and my mother’s. Together, we were working a Girl Scout event here in the city that involved nearly 200 girls wandering around with GPS’s attempting to find the history geocaches where volunteers like us were waiting with a bit of history and team building exercises.

Well, those of you who know us, know we don’t do things half measure. So when mom got the assignment at the Paul Revere monument on the Prada in the North End, we decided we wanted to do something special. Thankfully, the weather cooperated enough that these outfits were actually pleasant most of the time.

We were high class women, hiding from our loyalist men and helping the rebellion.

We started with this pattern and, of course, mixed and matched the actual bits to our satisfaction. And yes we’ve got petticoats, and no, we don’t have corsets. We do each have mop caps and kerchiefs, and I made two aprons but Mom decided not to wear hers for the occasion.

When the girls arrived, they were given a nutshell version of the actual events of that evening, trying to dispel some of the more common myths. No, Revere wasn’t the only rider, nor were there just three. There were a lot of people out riding about awakening people once Revere and Co. got them started. Also, they would never have shouted the British were coming as they were all British. Instead, they declared “The Regulars are on the march!” or “Town-born turn-out!” Much more accurate.

Anyway, the reason I’m telling you all this is, of course, the justify the use of this next picture, which is us with stick ponies.

Our horses even galloped and neighed...which once the girls found out, we couldn't shut up.

The girls’ task after their history lesson was to organize a relay around the Prada to alert the towns. It was quite hilarious and fun.

All told, I think there was about 16 hours worth of work between the two of us to sew two dresses, aprons, caps, kerchiefs, and petticoats as well as one green velvet cape (I already had my black one). Not too shabby, though it would have been way worse had we stuck to period and done it by hand.

And the parting shot: Paul Revere Fan Girl

I just can't believe I'm actually at his monument! He's such a pillar of history, a true paragon, a man above all others...

Cause who doesn’t swoon over a man who helped ignite the revolution?